If You Want to Make Money Forget About Money

Who doesn’t want more money?  

If our society was an organism, we’d be the cells and money would be the life sustaining blood. We’d all be struggling and one upping each other in our everyday quest to access more of it. Because if you’d get the money, you’d grow, and life would be all pink and puffy. If you didn’t and got cut out, you’d shrivel and die. 

A grim vision of the capitalist society, but it’s not money’s fault. Money is just a tool. Would you blame the hammer that everything around you looks like nails?Just because we like banging it on everything, it’s not really its fault, is it?

And herein lies the problem, everyone has strong beliefs/opinions of what it is and how it should be used. But these beliefs are not truly informed, they stem from media and culture, similarly to the simplistic image described above.

Money talk itself feels taboo. It’s not a subject to be discussed with friends, colleagues or even family. We instinctively know that as soon as someone speaks numbers, judgement follows. We wish to remain adequate persons so we will avoid those embarrassing discussions.

Beliefs drive our decisions and actions, and whether you like it or not you have already internalized strong opinions about money. Mostly this means you will avoid thinking too hard about it, and you’ll guide yourself after what the majority does.

In the end, we all want more money. And why not? 

  • Money buys the freedom to support your family.
  • Money buys the freedom to watch your kids grow.
  • Money buys the freedom to pursue crazy dreams.
  • Money buys the freedom to do what you love.
  • Money buys the freedom to make a difference in your community.
  • Money buys the freedom to play at life and not just survive.

For me money is freedom, it’s an enabler, it opens up roads that would otherwise remain inaccessible. It may not bring happiness, but it sure gives you more options to look for it.

But, what about corporate greed? What about sweatshops? What about all the lives that get destroyed in the maddening quest for more and more of it? This alluring temptation that is able to break the best of souls. We all know nothing good ever comes from chasing it.

Pick up any random movie you want. There is some greedy character that everyone despises. The good guy always struggles, but follows his passion to a wonderful happy end. Greedy guy is dead, crippled or in jail. Justice be done! 

Pick up any religious text you want. Money taints the soul. You can not serve two gods. If you chase money, it will rule you!

We want more money, but we also don’t want to become the greedy assholes of this world. 

After all, we’re the struggling good guys, so what are we to do?

Why not google “what is money”? Just to help us remember the objective definition and why it was created in the first place. 

“The beginning of wisdom is a definition of terms.” — Socrates

It is a simple thing, a tool created for transferring perceived value, instead of directly giving five chickens for one sheep, you can sell individual chickens to different people for a money equivalence and then use that to buy whatever amount of sheep you need. It is a pretty straight forward translation of value that makes trading easier for everyone. 

You estimate a thing’s value in money units and you can trade it for that amount, and then use any fraction of those units to trade for other things you need. 

We all knew this, of course, but it’s good to come back to the roots and stop getting all emotional about it.

As with any other tool, it’s neither good nor evil in itself. It can be used to build things and create better lives or the total opposite. The better you understand it the better you will be able to use it, and the more you will be able to do with it.

No matter your belief, money is just a direct representation of perceived value. 

That is the definition, that is why it was created. Money, essentially, is a unit of measuring value. This in turn means that whatever you have or do not have in your bank account is a direct reflection of the perceived value you put out in this world. 

Knowing this we can rotate our perspective and circumvent whatever beliefs we hold on money making.

 Logically, in order to increase your choices in the pursuit of happiness, you will need to increase your bank account and that links directly to increasing the actual perceived value you output to the world.

If you want more money you need to forget about money!

You don’t need to bother yourself with money and all the beliefs, good or bad, you may have about it, as it’s just a translation layer. 

You can use value directly to identify, not as a greedy money chaser, but as a struggling value creator. 

The more perceived value you build for the world the more you will improve your wealth and the more freedom and choices you will create for yourself

The more you give the more you get! 

Has a nice, fair ring to it. Movies and religious texts, think karma, will both agree with you. Due to their close relation, the more value you deliver to the world, the more money you will have to endure. 

But I am positive you will adapt, improvise and overcome. And still feel righteous while driving valuable, well designed, pieces of engineering. 

Change your story about money, stop chasing it, forget about it. Focus only on value, pursue fulfillment, build things that can serve many others! 

Improve yourself and how your work impacts people’s lives. 

The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself... 
The more you learn, the more you earn
(Warren Buffett Quote)

Little by little you’ll become a massive value producer, that is something our world could get more of, and I promise your bank account will reflect it!

What if you could learn to build something of value that’s worth just a tiny $1 to somebody else? That can be enough of a start, because the internet makes it possible to share that work with thousands of others.

Twenty years ago we were limited to our hometowns and their immediate surroundings. We had to fit in. There would be no other options. People who’d love our weirdness were hard to come by.

Today, you are one click away from 4 billion others. If you build something of value around whatever interest you have, at least one person in a millionwill find it desirable. That’s a low bar.

And building something online is now easier than it ever was. With billions of people roaming the world wide web, even with a one in a millionlikeable product, you’d still have 4000 fans out there.

Even a small $1 idea can be a strong enough seed to grow into a beautiful digital garden where you can exchange the value you build and nurture every day, every week, every year with a growing number of loyal members.

The more you give, the more you get!

And if you want to get more practical about it, you can join the One Dollar System and learn all you need to build your own paywall platform, where you can drip products and control how you exchange your value with the world.

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